Updated Website has been launched

Just wanted to inform you all that the new website has been launched and is up and running.

The new site is easier to navigate and looks clean and professional.

We have added some new silver jewelry, and a few more stony-iron meteorites. There will be more to come in the next few weeks so keep checking in if you are looking for something in particular or contact us for a special request.

Thanks for checking in and keep checking back for new products.

Magic Mountain Gems Inc.

New Stuff / update to our website

Hello All,
Just wanted to announce that we have made some changes to our website. There are some new products that will show up when the new / upgraded site is launched (hopefully in a few days).
Please check out our silver jewelry - sugilite, turquoise earrings have been added and we have some nice products for everyone to check out.
Soon we will be adding more new products and updating the site with better pictures / multiple pictures of existing products.
Thanks for checking in. I will let everyone know when there are substantial changes and new products.


Updates to our Website are coming soon!

Hello all,
Thanks for visiting.
We are happy to announce that our website will be upgraded to a new version of Wordpress soon.

We also have many new and exciting products that we plan to offer online in the near future. In addition we plan to add a few hundred new products to our gallery in the next few months.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Magic Mountain Gems Inc.

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So many meteorites!

Please visit our store for an incredible selection of meteorites for collectors and researchers.

We have a nice selection of Gibeon and Gibeon Slice Meteorites:

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Welcome to our new blog!

Magic Mountain Gems strives to provide quality specimens at reasonable prices. We look forward to your patronage. Please visit our store at:

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